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The Indigenous people were like grapes on the vine, delectable and ready to be picked when they encountered the Colonial European culture. The residential schools crushed the blood out of Indigenous people and bottled it into the casks of Colonial bondage, like grapes being crushed and fermented into wine.  

Would you say to the wine that you’ve lost your essence and your integrity because you are no longer a grape?  That’s how I feel about traditional Indigenous cultures.  It’s true, we can’t make a grape out of wine, but Indigenous culture has become a rare vintage that can now be tasted, discovered and enjoyed in a new way.

- Duke Redbird


My poetry comes from visions and knowledge gleaned from a lifetime toiling in fields between the sacred and the profane.  We as an Indigenous People have been schooled in Roman-Greco tradition and Judeo-Christian values. Residential schools and government policy denied us the splendor of our own culture.  I hope that through poetry I have helped to dispel a few of the myths created… continue


Duke Redbird is an Ojibway Shaman/Elder, who is a wisdom keeper, of Traditional Native American culture, of Philosophy and teachings. Author, poet, filmmaker and artist, he spends his time between Algonquin Wilderness Park and Urban Toronto, and has developed a philosophy of healing and spirituality between the sacred and the profane. Duke Redbird advises on Native Culture and spirituality… continue


Dr. Duke Redbird brings his breadth of cultural knowledge and artistic practice to the benefit of a global audience.
Duke has been described as a multifaceted artist, practicing across a number of disciplines including literature, painting, theatre, cinema and most recently rap poetry. A well-known broadcaster and television personality, he is in demand as a public speaker in universities, community colleges… continue


Ojibwe artist and scholar Duke Redbird has been a trailblazing figure in Canadian Indigenous culture since the 1960s. He has an MA in interdisciplinary studies from York University and an Honorary Doctorate from OCAD University where he helped establish the first Indigenous Visual Culture program. In 2015, Duke was Elder and Mentor for Ring of Fire commissioned by the Art Gallery of York University (AGYU) and later appeared … continue

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